Paul Kantner
Jefferson Airplane

Shortly before the Woodstock Festival, the Airplane played Tanglewood, with The Who and, I believe B.B. King. And after the show, we got back together in the hotel room, and Keith Moon was there. We went late into the night, with them getting bejabbered on various alcohols and whatever they did, and there was a tank of nitrous oxide in the room. About midway through the night both of the bands were sort of like hanging out in the middle of the room listening to music, hanging out on the beds and whatever, and on the opposite corners of the room, catty-corner, Keith Moon was standing on one of the night tables, orating something, sounding like Long John Silver in Treasure Island, like he did a lot. And Bill Graham was on the other side of the room, standing on the opposite end table. they were going head to head. Bill and Keith Moon, face to face. An epic moment in the history of Rock and Roll.