‘Bill Graham’ rock and roll exhibit at the Holocaust Museum is a hit

A Review in the Chicago Times about Bill Graham and the Rock and Roll Revolution

Having a rock music exhibition in a Holocaust museum does not seem like the most natural fit.

But “Bill Graham and the Rock and Roll Revolution,” newly opened at the Illinois Holocaust Museum, is not your standard museum rock show.

Graham, the flamboyant concert promoter who arose with the seminal music scene in San Francisco in the late 1960s, was basically the Zelig of what we now think of as classic rock. From the Grateful Dead to the Who to the Rolling Stones, you can pretty much bet that Graham worked closely with them, and that a guitar from them, or a letter to Graham, or a live CD they recorded at one of Graham’s venues, is in this show.

The news article includes a great slideshow of the exhibit.

Read the full article here

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