The BGP Remembers Fund

The Bill Graham Memorial Foundation is delighted to be partnering with Sweet Relief Musicians Fund in creating the THE BGP REMEMBERS FUND  to lend a hand to those in the music and arts world who find themselves in need due to the long and far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. While we are beginning to see some light, it looks to be a slow and curvy road to full recovery in the music and arts world.  

100% of the money donated to this fund will go toward helping folks within our extended communities – the artists, as well as the many “behind the scenes” workers without whom the show truly could not go on. Contributions to this fund will help to pay for medical expenses, housing, food and vital living expense such as utilities, clothing, transportation, program services and counseling. 

This fund is currently active and we welcome applications from anyone in the broader “Bill Graham Communities”  who feel they could use a hand. 

* Please note that you do not have to be sick to be eligible for assistance from this fund. 

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