The Bill Graham Mural

Everyone at the Bill Graham Memorial Foundation is delighted that the Bill Graham Mural is now up and available for viewing – you will find it on the wall of the Goodwill Building at the corner of Post and Fillmore in San Francisco, a block from The Fillmore and a couple of blocks from the original site of Winterland. The mural honors Bill and features some of the Benefit shows and tours that Bill and BGP produced over the years – from the first Mime Troupe Legal Funds Benefit in 1965, The SNACK concert in 1975,  to the Nelson Mandela “For a Free South Africa” event at Oakland Stadium in 1990. The mural was especially fun to be involved with as it was a very collaborative project. We are very grateful to everyone who was involved and brought this project to life, including but not limited to: 

Lisa Brewer and Mission Art 415,  SF Supervisor Dean Preston and his office, Karen Boyd and Goodwill San Francisco Bay without whom there would be no wall for the mural to live upon, Practitioner of Spray Paint, Aerosol Artist extraordinaire Wes Marks, who created the mural, Ken Friedman who took the photo of Bill at the Fillmore that inspired the portrait on the mural, Amie Bailey and all our friends at the Fillmore, Jacqueline B Wonder and Suite Treatments, the Black Firefighters Association, Arlene Owseichik, Allison Rolls, Mary Eisenhart, Rina Neiman, Michael Coats, Laura Fraenza, Colleen Kennedy,  Brian Auger, and David Zouzounis who is always right on time with the apples.

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